Saturday, February 1, 2014

Disney Planes - Dusty Chopper Cake

It's been raining cakes here!! The li'l boy who celebrated his 6th birthday wanted a "Planes Cake" for the party at home. He took a Dino cake to school.

I have tried to take step-by-step pics to a certain stage, after which I had to really speed up as my li'l girl was about to come back from school.

I used regular chocolate cake (3 layers) and chocolate frosting for the base.
Made the dusty chopper figure with fondant the day before and kept in the refrigerator.
This is the first time I am using fondant to cover the cake (I have always used butter cream frosting before). Also I was in short of fondant since the cake was comparatively big. So there were quite a few patchworks needed, which I managed with clouds and stars (fondant cut outs)

Layer 1 - Applying frosting
Meanwhile Layers 2 & 3 cooling

Chocolate Frosting - almost 6 cups
Layer 2 - Getting frosted

Layer 2 - almost covered with frosting
All 3 layers and sides covered with frosting


Fondant getting coloured

Got the needed colour - well! I needed almost double the amount of fondant.

Fondant covered, but lots of patchworks needed.

Made a runway out of some chocolate fondant, and white normal fondant, placed the prepared Dusty Chopper on top

Covered the below edges with rolled white fondant, and patchworks done with fondant cutouts.
There was a huge patchwork needed on top of cake, so made a small runway signal station with small round cake (cut into square) and covered it with white and red fondant.
Finished it off with a flag, held using spaghetti and the flag is held on normal thread (yeah! little bit of work there!)
The Chocolate cake was heavenly!

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