Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Brocoli Mushroom Stir fry

As easy as it sounds...just clean both of it and throw into a pan with some olive oil and dried chilly. Sprinkle some salt..thats it!! A wonderful side dish for your chapati is ready, in less than 10 min (excluding the time taken for cleaning mushrooms :) ).

I first tasted it in Delhi, when we were visiting my aunt and uncle. There was an immediate connection. Asked aunty how she made it. So when we came back, I bought a box of mushrooms and brocoli. But it sat in fridge for almost 3 days, since I didn't how to clean the mushrooms. Nor I did I have enough time to check internet guru, as we were busy with the school re-opening. Today was relatively a free day, the kiddos and mommy have settled with the routine.

So here goes the recipe for the quick and easy stir fry.


Broccoli (cut into florets) - 2 cups
Mushrooms (cleaned and cut) - 1 cup
Olive oil - 1 tbsp
Dried chilly - 2


Add olive oil to a skillet. When its hot enough, throw in the mushrooms along with dried chillies. Keep stirring, the mushrooms will start releasing water. Once the mushrooms are half cooked, add the broccoli florets and sprinkle some salt. The broccoli should not be over cooked, it should retain its crispness. Once the mushrooms and broccoli is cooked, remove from heat.

You can learn how to clean mushrooms from here.

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